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Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair
Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair
Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair
Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair

Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair


The Invacare Action Ampla manual wheelchair is specifically designed for Bariatric or Plus sized individuals.

The Ampla is designed to promote independence with innovative features to support the users functional ability and experience of using an HD wheelchair.

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Seat Width
  • 75cm (30 inches)
Seat Depth
  • 50cm (20 inches)
  • Yes

The Invacare Action Ampla wheelchair has a strong lightweight rigid (fixed width) aluminium frame and fitted with an active rear wheel position for easier access to the handrims.

The Ampla has a unique backrest construction and the backrest upholstery adapts to a range of plus sized body shapes, maximising comfort and body support.

The Ampla has a clever new transfer aid offering a choice of positioning for the forearm whilst sat in the manual wheelchair, and can be used to assist with standing transfers by aiding leverage for extra support.

Key features

Lightweight rigid Aluminium frame; for effortless propulsion and decreases rolling resistance.

Active rear wheel position: providing optimal manoeuvrability and a more ergonomic seating position.

Unique backrest design: ensuring free movement of the upper limbs when propelling.

Multi-functional Transfer aid: support standing transfers, offers a resting position for the forearm and can be adjusted in height giving access up to and under tables or desks.

Transportation bearing system: designed to make negotiating doorways and corridors easier.


Item Weight            27 kg / 4st 4lb

Max Seat Depth       51 cm / 20.08 In

Min Seat Depth        46 cm / 18.11 In

Max Seat Width       75.5 cm / 29.72 In

Min Seat Width        50.5 cm / 19.88 In

Max Seat Height      45.5 cm / 17.91 In

Min Seat Height       38 cm / 14.96 In

Weight Capacity       300 kg / 47st 3lb

Max Overall Width     78 cm / 30.71 In

Min Overall Width      53 cm / 20.87 In

Max Overall Length  114.5 cm / 45.08 In

Min Overall Length   106.5 cm / 41.93 In

Max Backrest Height  52.5 cm / 20.67 In

Min Backrest Height   45 cm / 17.72 In

Crash Tested              YES

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Invacare UK is part of the Invacare Corporation, headquartered in Elyria, Ohio, USA and is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles.

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