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The Gaspard Mat is an innovative and unique product designed and developed by a young team headed by Morgan Lavaux and manufactured in France. Mr Lavaux, himself a tetraplegic, identified the need for help in achieving correct posture and positioning  especially to avoid some of the very painful problems that can face wheelchair users. He designed a wheelchair sized base and fitted the base with sensors which identifies and maps the body's position.

In use, the Gaspard Mat constantly analyses the positioning and activity of the wheelchair user and provides very useful feedback by means of a software App.  The data ia then available to the user and can also be shared with medical staff  - subject to agreement of the user.  The Mat's intelligent system can feedback positioning status in real time direct to the Gaspard App on the mobile or tablet.

For our trial, the Gaspard Mat arrived in a well presented box complete with power connections and user instructions.  The Mat has a black covered top surface monogrammed Gaspard, and the base a softer brushed fabric underside.  Connected by a strong wide ribbon is the small rechargeable power housing.  Once charged, the Gaspard Mat is placed on the wheelchair seat surface. The user can sit directly on the Mat, but more likely with a seat cushion on top of the Mat.

Once connected to the App, and as soon as an issue is detected, a message appears on the smartphone plus an acoustic warning signal. Then, functionally, the Gaspard smart mat helps the user to correct a lack of movement or incorrect positioning.  A key element in use, is the ability to export the data at any time to a trusted person - such as clinician - for clinical analysis.  Even over a short period of time, the recorded data can provide real insight into the seating environment.

The Mat is not a replacement for the professional pressure seating testing kit used by wheelchair services and clinicians, but it is a very effective addition in providing useful data in real time.  Plus, the ability to maintain the connection with the user over a period time suggests the results provide a reliable data source in determining the optimal seating solution.  It is also reported the regular use of the Gaspard mat brings behavioral change as the user can instinctively learn to eg:  'push-up'  or change position.

Wheelchair Therapists and Physios dealing with complex care of the elderly, and those with limiting conditions, will also find the data feedback especially useful to assist with identifying areas of pressure care concern. The Mat is a very useful addition to the 'toolbox' to determine beneficial outcomes for long term seating care.

The innovative Gaspard Smart Connected Mat is designed and developed in France.  For more information or to purchase your Gaspard, then please contact ENdynamics 'Special Seating' .

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