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Safe Bariatric Hoist

It is estimated up to forty percent of adults in certain areas of the UK will be identified as 'obese' - having excessive fat.  The term 'bariatric' generally encompasses users with a weight in excess of 150kgs.

In care and rehabilitation environments, moving and handling of clinically obese adults may require the use of a Bariatric Hoist or Stand Aid.

ENdynamics have found that whilst the correct use of bariatric handling equipment is re-assuring to the individual under care, the staff working with bariatric client also benefit significantly.

The first action taken in many locations is a formal risk assessment and taking into account the space, the furniture in the area, power points and ‘safe working loads’.

As part of any Assessment, a key piece of equipment is the Bariatric Hoist.

The Hoist is generally used to help raise and lower clients and to enable movement across areas and equipment.  The movement can be for something as simple toileting or for transfer from bed to chair or examination plinth etc.

The Lifty 6 Bariatric Hoist from HMS Vilgo is a key piece of kit in the bariatric care suite of equipment.

The Lifty 6 has a load strength of up to 300kgs, 52 stone and is equipped with a 360° swivel fitting with 4 point spreader bar for various sling options.  The Lifty is powered by industry leading Actuators from Linak, including a powered base adjustment.

The Lifty 6 is manufactured and fully certified in France by HMS Vilgo. The equipment is supported by a strong warranty and a reputation for reliability.

The Lifty 6 is generally available from ENdynamics local stock and delivered within 2/3 days of Order.   Available here on the ENdynamics ‘Bariatricshop’ webstore.

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