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Lasal Dental Cushions

Part of the range of the growing portfolio of 'positioning' cushions from Cobi Rehab, ENdynamics are pleased to stock the new and innovative Lasal Dental Cushion Range.

Lasal Dental Cushions provide a comfort touch during dental treatment and made for children and adults within all areas of dental care.

The cushions are used to provide optimal support, stabilisation and comfort during dental treatment. The Lasal range features cushions for support of the head, neck, arms, legs, upper back and lower back. The cushions can be used individually or in different combinations.

Sitting in an ordinary dental chair can be a challenge for physically or mentally disabled persons as this group of patients need extra body support or higher comfort compared to ordinary patients. It is helpful to take the patient’s special needs into consideration as the user may suffer from deformities, muscle tension or involuntary movements.

For some patients it may be about comfort and delimitation of the body in order to be able to relax and comfortable in the dental environment. Regardless of the underlying reason, the aim is to avoid an uncomfortable position that may affect the muscle tension in an undesired way and thus complicating dental treatment.

The Lasal Dental Cushions are developed in co-operation with the Mun-H Centre in Odontology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Cobi Rehab Sweden.  The Lasal brand enjoys a growing reputation for specialist cushioning and personal positioning products.

Crucial to the dental cushion development at Lasal was the ability to maximise the hygienic properties of the cushion. The inner Cushion is made from PU-coated polyester and the surface can be wiped with alcohol or common cleaning agents diluted in water.

The cushions are available with an optional hygiene cover and can be machine washed and tumble dried at max. 95° C.  Apart from common cleaning, Lasal Dental Cushions do not require any special maintenance.

The cushions can be stored in dry conditions and at room temperature, but best kept out of direct sunlight for longer periods.

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