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Here in England and in Autumn 2022, there is no escaping the fact the World is in a considerably turbulent mode.  Post Covid and now the war in Ukraine, it seems the many pressures facing us all are likely to continue for sometime.

The Wheelchair World is not immune from the current trauma and there must be many manufacturers, across all mobility markets users scratching their heads to navigate a smooth path forward.

Total World Trade in wheelchairs is said to amount to $1.49 billion. According to the World Bank, and the latest figures from 2019, the largest Importers of wheelchairs were the USA, UK, France and Germany.

Balanced by the largest wheelchair exporting countries of China, Asia, Gemany and the Netherlands.

China alone exported over 390,000 wheelchairs, over double the number of other Asian counties combined.  Germany exported 40,000 wheelchairs.

Outside of the US, the UK is one of the largest importers of wheelchairs with over 179,000 imports recorded in 2019. That, more than France and Germany combined.

As we look to 2023 and beyond, it seems certain the trade is likely to grow further – especially in Europe as the demographics shift with rising obesity and and an aging population.

With rising raw material prices and greater distribution costs industry insiders anticipate continued hardening on wheelchair prices well into 2023.  Many mobility manufacturers have increased prices on more than one occasion during 2022, but the main concern is the availability of actual inventory.  World container shipping prices may have dropped, but the $ price of oil remains strong and long delays at UK ports continue to cripple supplies of numerous mobility products.

Testing times ahead, but the UK market is highly developed and focussed on value and good service.  The continuing shift by the NHS to tender Wheelchair Services to the private sector, may further stimulate the supply side to prepare for what the care Quality Commission called a ‘tsunami of unmet need’.

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