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Held at the Bolton Arena in Horwich, just of the M61 motorway at Junction 6, the event is part of the Uniqlo Tennis Tour Calendar.

Wheelchair Tennis is a sport gaining much greater popularity and is regarded as being highly competitive. There are now over 160 wheelchair tennis tournaments worldwide, and the 

An Olympic sport since 1992, the principle rule difference is the ball is allowed to bounce twice. The court size, surface and net height are the same as able bodied tennis.

The wheelchair construction is lighter than a standard wheelchair and the rear wheels distinctly cambered for balance, stability and to allow flexibility of movement. Also notice the difference in positioning straps which help to keep the player stable in the chair.

Invacare, a key supplier of standard wheelchairs to ENdynamics, manufacture a wheelchair suitable for Tennis and more details can be found here;

Invacare Top End Pro Wheelchair

The Arena event features competitors from around twenty two countries in both singles and doubles matches.

Located just north of Manchester, it is not the first time Bolton Arena has hosted important wheelchair tennis events, and the venue is very popular with visitors.

Great to see in 2022, Wheelchair Tennis back - game set and match.

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