G-Lite Wheelchair at ENdynamics update 2016

Changing places – the G-Lite Pro Wheelchair  !

After considerable experience selling the G-Lite, G-Lite+ and the G-Lite Pro Wheelchairs, ENdynamics withdrew the Van Os Medical G-Lite Wheelchair from the lightweight sales range in favour of a new and broader range of lightweight wheelchair models back in 2016.

The G-Lite, the G-Lite+ and G-Lite Pro wheelchairs were popular wheelchairs for their fresh styling and light carry weight.

ENdynamics no hold carry G-Lite wheelchairs spares and will be pleased to offer our best advice and support, including our new replacement brands.

More G-Lite Details

  • G-Lite+ Dynamique - with backrest recline

    Simple reclining lightweight self propel wheelchair

    Easy recline wheelchair for comfort and convenience.

    The Excel G-Lite+ Dynamique – the sweeping curves of the ultra light G-Lite+ Dynamique wheelchair, profiles and contours neatly around the user. Easy comfort and natural posture with recline and in a modern style.  The G-Lite+ Dynamique wheelchair can be further enhanced by the addition of a headrest etc.

  • G-Lite Parts and Spares

    Now in 2020, ENdynamics have only a very few remaining parts in stock:

    See G-Lite Spares on Wheelchairsite.com

    Looking for ‘lost’ frame mounting bolts ?  Missing sidearm buttons and springs ?

    Call Van Os Medical UK Sales Office – 01977 618 400 or email sales@vanosmedical.com

  • G-Lite Wheelchair Alternatives

    Looking for something slightly different?

    Check out the many quality wheelchair options on the Wheelchairsite.com

    From budget to premium – see a complete range including options and accessories.

  • G-Lite Review Notes

    The G-Lite Wheelchair was stylish and light weight, and the later ‘Pro’ model incorporated  a number of updates.

    The upholstery is easily removable, but ENdynamics do not recommend machine washing the back pad or seat pad. Try using clean soapy cloth and wipe the surface evenly.

    Regularly check the frame fittings are secure – lost bolts can be costly.

Lightweight for casual mobility users !

Miranda the G-Lite star - Opening Display London Paralympics 2012

— G-Lite Diary from 2012
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  • Wheelchair Sales

    ENdynamics primary wheelchair sales site is www.wheelchairsite.com. Wheelchairsite.com lists manual wheelchairs of all descriptions plus wheelchair parts. Many mobility brands are represented including Aktiv, Invacare, and Sunrise Medical. The wheelchair range is supported by a catalogue of associated wheelchair parts and accessories – from single nuts and bolts to whole wheelchair sideframes. You can buyRead more

  • Wheelchair Rentals – Express Wheelchair Hire in Manchester

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  • Wheelchair Leadership Alliance

    2015, January: The Inaugural meeting of the National Wheelchair Leadership Alliance took place on Monday 26 January 2015 in the House of Lords. Terms of reference were agreed and plans drawn up. The BHTA was represented by the BHTA Director General , Mr Ray Hodgkinson MBE. ENdynamics will be following developments closely – especially withRead more

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