Special Seating

ENdynamics Ltd. supply a large range of special seating products and positioning aids including cushions, wedges and supportive items through “Special Seating“.

Chairs – Our sales range includes top branded specialist chairs aimed at plus sized and bariatric users. The range of chair options include static, reclining and for hygiene uses.

Cushions – A huge range of colouful and styled cushions to meet a wide range of needs.

Special cushions are available to suit users needing additional pressure care or positioning prescriptions. Top branded special seat cushions with a massive range of size options.

Customised cushions to promote induviduality or to identify brands and events.

  • Special seating solutions on sale here

    For extra comfort and correct postural support, see our range of cushions, backrests and upholstery.

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ENdynamics Ltd

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