Seating Assessment and Management

Sitting in the wrong wheelchair and with a poor cushion can lead to severe discomfort and problems with pressure, postural stability, circulation, respiration, digestion plus social interaction and with the possibility of causing falls when accessing and leaving the wheelchair.

ENdynamics and our seating management  group believe correct body posture is vital to wheelchair users ability to carry out day-to-day activities.

For wheelchair users who spend long periods of time on the move it is of key importance to be well supported in your seated position so as to achieve maximum functionality.

ENdynamics seating and postural therapists can assist with the following:

  • Private assessment and recommendations for wheelchairs and static seating
  • Advise care homes and care professionals regarding purchasing of wheelchairs and cushions for their residents and wheelchair users
  • Advise comfortable seating details to support posture in wheelchairs or armchairs
  • Check tissue viability and recommend good use of cushion and seating systems
  • Consultancy service to NHS, GP surgeries, charities, social care and individuals
  • Mobility seating comfort and support

    Choice of seating solutions for all, with a special focus on mobility users.

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Our Clients

  • Individual Personal Users

    • Choosing a wheelchair can be a difficult decision. Size, weight and functions are important considerations. ENdynamics can help individual personal users choose the most appropriate wheelchair to suit your needs and meet your budget. ENdynamics carry most top branded wheelchairs and in a huge range of sizes to fit both adults and children. For specialist

  • NHS Wheelchair Services

    • NHS Wheelchair Services are available in most areas and offer Assessments to determine what type of wheelchair or mobility equipment you may be entitled to from the NHS. NHS wheelchair services are available to people of all ages who have a long-term need for mobility help. The specific criteria for eligibility is decided locally and

  • Wheelchair Fleet Management - Commercial

    • Looking after a fleet of wheelchairs can be a big challenge. ENdynamics manage fleets of wheelchairs across a wide range of environments including care centres, exhibitions, retail shopping and travel hubs. Wheelchair inventory management includes fleet maintenance, smart presentation plus security and storage.

  • Charities and Social Services

    • Working with charities and social care organisations requires a key focus on wheelchairs being fit for purpose and maximising value for the user and provider. ENdynamics work to provide branded mobility solutions, coupled with fiscal oversight, to ensure the most appropriate outcome both for the donation, the donator and the user. Additional demands in certain

Special seating - yes, and postural care

It is all about improving wellbeing....

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