Seat cushions and customised styling

Special seating cushions, cushion covers and coverings. by ENdynamics Ltd have an absolutely huge range of wheelchair cushions, cushion covers and exclusive wheelchair cover designs.

Made from high quality flame retardant contract quality polyester and meeting UK Furnishing and Fire Regulations.

Both the cushion fabric colour and desired image can be combined to provided your unique cushion.  Branding, logos and commercial quantities are easily catered to meet your standards and individual requirements.

Fabric options and range of finishes – including ‘supersoft’ brushed handle and fully machine washable and with outstanding durability.

Designed, full colour digitally printed and quality hand finished in a modern digital studio in the north west of England.

Special seating products

  • Customise your wheelchair cushions and upholstery

    We offer a library of inspiring designs or will customise using your own photographs and images.

  • Contact us

ENdynamics say !

  • Pure customising

    Pure customising

    At ENdynamics we don’t go for the ‘pimp my ride’ outlook with regards to personalsing wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  ‘Pimp’ has a slightly seedy tone. There is nothing seedy about our cushion designs and products. are personalising, customising and branding all types of wheelchairs and seat cushions to meet unique requirements of individuals

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