Quantum Pride Lightning display at ENdynamics

The Lightning Power Chair has charged into ENdynamics.

Our first chance to closely assess the Lightning power chair and we find this rear wheel electric wheelchair  has some impressive features and options.

The new Lightning rear-wheel drive power chair from the Quantum® range has been designed for improved tackling of obstacles and a smoother ride.  The Lightning is also exceptionally good in manoeuvring in tight confines. We especially like the stylish design and robust finish.

Comfortable too – with three seating options including with the optional TRU-Comfort® Plus seating solution.

The Lightning is no slouch either and has a standard speed of up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h), and this model is likely aimed for those looking for a superior power chair and more active usage.

There is a good range of options for the Lightning including power recline and power tilt (0-55 degrees tilt) .

Call for a Lightning demonstration on 0333 444 1034

On sale at Wheelchairsite.com

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