Pure customising

At ENdynamics we don’t go for the ‘pimp my ride’ outlook with regards to personalsing wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  ‘Pimp’ has a slightly seedy tone.

There is nothing seedy about our specialseating.co.uk cushion designs and products.

Specialseating.co.uk are personalising, customising and branding all types of wheelchairs and seat cushions to meet unique requirements of individuals and companies alike.

Wheelchair seating pads, backrests, armrests can be made to meet desired measurements – all sizes for kids to bariatric plus sizes.

In addition we can add legrest covers, and adornments to suit most wheelchair and mobility scooter designs.

Wheelchair customisation is not just about personal taste, design adds an element of wheelchair security and protection.  Plus, customising often identifies brands eg: football and sporting clubs, special events and company ownership.

Wheelchair security is key in high traffic areas as transort hubs, supermarkets, shopping malls etc. Protection of high impact wheelchair surface areas will also lengthen the lifespan of the wheelchair itself.

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