Foicare P1W Compact Folding Powerchair

New in 2020 – the extra wide electric wheelchair for plus sized users

Latest new design available from ENdynamics UK Warehouse.

Fantastic 23″ width between the armrests!

This powerful electric wheelchair with extra wide seat width sizing comes with a very simple folding mechanism with secure locking feature. This powerchair is a breeze to open and fold shut, and an ideal travelling companion for short or long haul.

Aimed at users up to 160kgs, 25 stone, the P1W Powerchair from Foicare is a super mobility solution for larger sized users.

The power comes from the latest lightweight and Air Safe Lithium battery technology and enables this wide seat width chair to be a top performer in this powerchair class.  The battery container has storage space to fit two lithium batteries – thus giving double travel distance.

At 32 kilos full carry weight, this lightweight powerchair is made from top grade aero aluminium-magnesium alloy and finished with a scratch resist, tough baked, anti-corrosion coating. The folding mechanism and fittings are robustly constructed and feeds back a sense of modern quality engineering.

Both the seat and height adjustable backrest are fitted with comfy tension adjustable upholstery and can be easily removed for cleaning.  Both lockable armrests swing rearwards and the hand controller can be simply positioned either side for left or right handed users. The footplate is well positioned for most standard sized users – tall folk may be better with a thicker seat cushion.

The basic joystick controller has a simple battery condition and separate speed display bars with easy finger tip controls.



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