Comfortable seating

Aiming for comfort, performance and style
It is a fact that people continue to endure constant pain because of poor posture and from completely avoidable pressure sores. Too much money is being spent by our health services on reacting to pressure problems identified too late.
Proper seating solutions can solve many skin prerssure problems associated with poor seating.
We are campaigning to improve the world of healthcare seating, and to make seating a better place.

Help with special cushion choices
Our team are highly specialised in the provision of optimised cushion and seating solutions to ensure that our cushion users reach a high level of comfort and performance. Combined with our wheelchair services we offer a wide range of trusted and innovative cushion solutions for wheelchairs and to meet general mobility situations.

Special cushions quickly
ENdynamics ‘specialseating’ provide a fast response to ensure that patients have the right cushion to ensure that pressure sores do not develop. Our trained Clinicianns can advise regarding pressure relief management for patients, families and healthcare professionals.
ENdynamics use top branded cushions according to prescription,and being mindful of tight budgets, we have a wide value range of special cushion options.

Bright design and creative thinking
Many of our seating and cushion solutions can be creatively styles to give the personal look or brand.
We have a wide range of in-house designs crafted by our Design Studio technicians. Our team can also use your designs to enhance the style, shape, colour or image you wish to achieve.
Cushion branding is our speciality and perfect for personal, commercial and care environments.
Styled but safe – our primary covers are made in NHS Contract Fabric and manufactured in the UK to exact specifications.
All our special print products meet the UK Furnishing and Fire Regulations.

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