Bariatric - plus sized

ENdynamics Ltd. supply and manage heavy duty and plus sized products and services.

Sales – A whole range of bariatric products available from only the best approved product manufacturers . ENdynamics products are selected to meet the needs of most plus sized users and are backed our customer support team.

Rentals – A number of selected products, including e.g. wheelchairs are available on short term hire or longer term rental.

Manage – Our trained therapists and engineers ensure the correct products are chosen to meet user, environment and budgets. We assist individuals, carers , health services and organisations selecting products from walking sticks to complete baratric suite installations.

Our Clients

  • Individual Personal Users

    • Choosing a wheelchair can be a difficult decision. Size, weight and functions are important considerations. ENdynamics can help individual personal users choose the most appropriate wheelchair to suit your needs and meet your budget. ENdynamics carry most top branded wheelchairs and in a huge range of sizes to fit both adults and children. For specialist

  • NHS Wheelchair Services

    • NHS Wheelchair Services are available in most areas and offer Assessments to determine what type of wheelchair or mobility equipment you may be entitled to from the NHS. NHS wheelchair services are available to people of all ages who have a long-term need for mobility help. The specific criteria for eligibility is decided locally and

  • Wheelchair Fleet Management - Commercial

    • Looking after a fleet of wheelchairs can be a big challenge. ENdynamics manage large fleets of wheelchairs across a wide range of environments including care centres,  exhibitions, retail shopping and travel hubs. Wheelchair inventory management includes fleet maintenance, smart presentation plus security and storage.

  • Charities and Social Services

    • Working with charities and social care organisations requires a key focus on wheelchairs being fit for purpose and maximising value for the user and provider. ENdynamics work to provide branded mobility solutions, coupled with fiscal oversight, to ensure the most appropriate outcome both for the donation, the donator and the user. Additional demands in certain

Why ENdynamics ?

Always searching for bariatric mobility solutions

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