Bariatric care products

ENdynamics Ltd specialise in Bariatric Care Products available through the site Bariatricshop Outlet.

A complete range of heavy duty and large sized products suitable for plus sized clients.

ENdynamics specialise in the top quality products from Cobi Rehab of Denmark.  The Cobi ‘XXL-Rehab’ branded product range is amongst the best of any bariatric support care products on the market today. The XXL-Rehab award winning Minimaxx Wheelchair being a particular success.

The ENdynamics bariatric range is further enhanced with the quality proven products from the BIGreha range manufactured by Novacare Gmbh in Germany.

In addition ENdynamics offer a number of supporting products including the lifting equipment and heavy duty furniture from HMS VILGO.

Long lasting and fit for purpose – see the whole product range in the ENdynamics Bariatricshop

Bariatric Care

Products guaranteed fit for purpose and optimum value

  • ENdynamics are grateful for the support we receive from our suppliers.

    Our bariatric customer service team are ready to help you.

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