Bariatricshop at ENdynamics

Bariatricshop was launched in 2012 and now, under the ENdynamics channel, represents a ‘one-stop’ source for bariatric and heavy duty care products and equipment in the UK.

The experience and growth of the Bariatricshop catalogue is underpinned by  the support of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the field of bariatrics today.

Key products from UK, Europe and the USA, backed by world leading learning and development support, enable Bariatricshop to bring the best, the most reliable and the most ‘fit for purpose’ products to our users, carers and service providers alike.

In addition, the Bariatricshop attempts to manage the costs and budgets associated with financing the necessary quality and durability required for the life term of the products and equipment. We ‘value’ product value.




  • Heavy Duty, Plus Sized and Bariatric

    Whatever the terms used to describe our range of care products and equipment, Bariatricshop endeavour to offer a meaningful and comprehensive choice for 2021.

  • Buy Online

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