ENdynamics Ltd

A private limited company, ENdynamics Ltd. is family owned and managed.

Established in 2011, ENdynamics are leading independent wheelchair and mobility aid suppliers, plus managers of additional specialist mobility services in key areas including bariatric care equipment and special seating products.

Based in Farnworth, south of Bolton, England and next to the regional motorway hub around Manchester, the ENdynamics team cover the whole of the UK using latest technology and communication networks to ensure a fast, and personal, response.

ENdynamics Ltd serve a wide range of clients including NHS Wheelchair Services, hospitals, charitable and social care organisations, plus individual mobility users.  ENdynamics were members of the BHTA for the period 2012 – 2020 and registered with Trading Standards at that time.

Now fully independent and supplying a range of clients including the NHS, Social Services, commercial and charitable organisations plus Care Homes and individuals, emphasis is placed on achieving maximum value within budgetary targets and quality excellence.

In this age of ‘tough times’, the blend of experience and a ‘can do’ attitude are key components in servicing and supplying our clients.  The business outlook is greatly aided by strong support from local, national and international suppliers bringing modern, stylish and fit for purpose products to strengthen our growing portfolio of mobility provision.

Feedback from our clients clearly identifies the need for the best quality items to be immediately available for quick delivery, and ENdynamics endeavour to match expectations in a professional manner.  Using efficient logistics management and accurate planning is a key component in keeping our Carbon Footprint as low as we possibly can.  Sensitive to the effects of climate change, the  recycling and re-purposing of mobility equipment contributes to keep the operating costs lower.

As leading independent mobility and wheelchair service managers, the company benefits by having wide mobility product experience and coupled with the ability to make decisions quickly.

When demand for our mobility services exceeds supply, ENdynamics are massively supported by an experienced team of clinical professionals and dynamic support staff, and further backed by working with quality suppliers and industry professionals.  This just gets the job done.

If you would like to know more about ENdynamics Ltd., then contact us through the website or call us on 0333 444 1034.

Our Clients

  • Individual Personal Users

  • NHS Wheelchair Services

    • NHS Wheelchair Services are available in most areas and offer Assessments to determine what type of wheelchair or mobility equipment you may be entitled to from the NHS. NHS wheelchair services are available to people of all ages who have a long-term need for mobility help. The specific criteria for eligibility is decided locally and

  • Wheelchair Fleet Management - Commercial

    • Looking after a fleet of wheelchairs can be a big challenge. ENdynamics manage fleets of wheelchairs across a wide range of environments including care centres, exhibitions, retail shopping and travel hubs. Wheelchair inventory management includes fleet maintenance, smart presentation plus security and storage.

  • Charities and Social Services

    • Working with charities and social care organisations requires a key focus on wheelchairs being fit for purpose and maximising value for the user and provider. ENdynamics work to provide branded mobility solutions, coupled with fiscal oversight, to ensure the most appropriate outcome both for the donation, the donator and the user. Additional demands in certain

ENdynamics - Registered Number 7666531

Always reaching for the best in mobility solutions

—Kate Nuttall
ENdynamics Ltd

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