• Pure customising

    Pure customising

    At ENdynamics we don’t go for the ‘pimp my ride’ outlook with regards to personalsing wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  ‘Pimp’ has a slightly seedy tone. There is nothing seedy about our specialseating.co.uk cushion designs and products. Specialseating.co.uk are personalising, customising and branding all types of wheelchairs and seat cushions to meet unique requirements of individuals

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  • Comfortable seating

    Comfortable seating

    Aiming for comfort, performance and style It is a fact that people continue to endure constant pain because of poor posture and from completely avoidable pressure sores. Too much money is being spent by our health services on reacting to pressure problems identified too late. Proper seating solutions can solve many skin prerssure problems associated

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  • Wheelchair Rentals – Express Wheelchair Hire in Manchester

    Wheelchair Rentals – Express Wheelchair Hire in Manchester

    ENdynamics offer a wide range of manual wheelchairs for both short hire and long term rentals through Carrycall.uk. Wheelchairs are available in a wide range of sizes to suit both adults and children. Carrycall.uk is supply basic lightweight throughout the Greater Manchester region, including to Hospital A&E, Care Organisations and Charities, Commercial Venues and especially

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  • Wheelchair Sales

    Wheelchair Sales

    ENdynamics primary wheelchair sales site is www.wheelchairsite.com. Wheelchairsite.com lists manual wheelchairs of all descriptions plus wheelchair parts. Many mobility brands are represented including Aktiv, Invacare, and Sunrise Medical. The wheelchair range is supported by a catalogue of associated wheelchair parts and accessories – from single nuts and bolts to whole wheelchair sideframes. You can buy

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